Using AnyDesk for Remote Support

For our Remote Computer Health Checks, Remote Computer Support and Remote Computer & Software Training Services we prefer to use AnyDesk because it is quick and easy for you to get started with and offers a wealth of great features to help us help you.

AnyDesk is ready to use, right after downloading! Download, execute, and get started! – Your first Remote session will start in less than a minute and by giving us your Remote Control AnyDesk Address ID and Allowing us Access via an Onscreen Prompt, we will then be able to connect to your Computer and give you Remote Computer Health Checks, Remote Computer Support or Remote Computer & Software Training.

AnyDesk is FREE for all non-commercial users and works with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and older versions like Windows XP!

Further details on the AnyDesk software can be found at

Below we have instructions on downloading and running the AnyDesk Remote Control Software, all you need do is download and run it, it DOES NOT have to be installed permanently to your computer (although you could choose a Full Installation if required), however, it only needs to be run to setup a Remote Control Session between yourself and us.

Click the link and Download the AnyDesk.exe file to your Computer (i.e. on your Desktop).

Once downloaded locate and run the AnyDesk.exe file from the location where you saved it by double-clicking the Icon.

When you first run AnyDesk you will see the following dialogue box as shown below. You are now ready for us to be able to Remotely Connect to your Computer, just give us your AnyDesk Address ID as shown and we can then establish the connection with your Computer System.  You do not need to set a Password for unattended access.

If you wish to install the software permanently you can do so by clicking the link Install AnyDesk on this Computer however, this isn’t really required, if you just want to use it occasionally you can simply re-download the AnyDesk.exe file to your Computer and just run it when required.

When you give us your AnyDesk Address ID and we attempt to access your PC Remotely you may well be prompted by the Windows Firewall to allow the software access, ensure the Private networks, such as home or work network box is ticked and then click on the Allow access button.

Next you will be asked to Accept our request to connect to your Computer using AnyDesk, here click the Accept button and we will then be able to Remotely Control your PC.

When we have established a Remote Control Session you will need to STOP using your Computer, you will however, be able to use the Chat Feature of the software to speak with us but mostly be able to sit back and watch whilst we work on your Computer.  You may also be asked by the Remote Control Software to allow us certain Permissions to do things on your Computer so you will need to Accept or Allow these where applicable whilst you watch us working on your Computer.

Once you are done with your Remote Control Session with us we will disconnect from your Computer and you can close the Window above and Shutdown the AnyDesk Remote Control Software, when you do this if you have not chosen to install the software permanently on your Computer you will be asked Would you like to install AnyDesk now?, again, if you do not wish to do this you can just click  on the No button and shutdown the software.

If you keep the file you downloaded AnyDesk.exe on your Computer then you will be able to easily run it again for any future Remote Control Sessions you need to have with us, alternatively once done you can safely delete the AnyDesk.exe file and just return to this web page and follow this procedure again in the future if and when required.

If you carried out a Full Installation of the AnyDesk Software then you can easily run it anytime in the future and the downloaded file AnyDesk.exe can also be safely deleted from your Computer!