PC Health Checks

If your computer now runs very slowly or if you encounter intermittent crashes, software problems and errors, then MyComputerMan can help…

When computer systems stop functioning due to hardware or software problems, valuable time is lost.

Most computer problems could be avoided if regular maintenance was carried out. However, most people wait until their computer systems actually fail before addressing such issues. A regular health check for your Computer cleans things up and optimise the systems performance.

A Computer Health Check should be viewed in much the same way as having your car serviced and will result in the smoother running of your Computer. By running diagnostic checks, areas of poor performance and other problems will be identified and corrected.

On-site Computer Health Checks are only available in the Oxfordshire area, however, we also offer Computer Health Checks Worldwide (No matter your Geographic Location) via our Remote Support Services, please Contact us for further details on arranging an On-Site or Remote Health Check for your Computer.

What are the Benefits of Regular Computer System Health Checks

(Computer Health Checks every six months is recommended)

 Identify problems before they cause any damage and often works out cheaper than costly repairs later.

 Improves the performance and reliability of your Computer and keeps your Computer clean.

 Keeps your Computer Operating System and Software current and up-to-date.

Pricing Structure for Computer Health Checks

Computer Health Checks are designed to ensure that you get the best possible performance from your Computer, we offer 2 System Health Check options below to cleanup and improve the performance of your Computer.

Computer Health Checks can be carried out at your premises or you can bring your System to us or we can do it via Remote Support.

If your computer is running sluggish or slowly or if you have an Urgent requirement for a Computer Health Check then please Contact us for further details on arranging an On-site or Remote Health Check for your Computer.