Network Setup

If you find yourself using external USB Drives, or CD’s, DVD’s to copy files from one computer to another, then you need a LAN. If you have several computers, but only one has Internet access, then you need a LAN.

If you find that you have the same document stored on several computers and can’t keep track of which computer has the latest copy, then you need a LAN.

If only one of your computers has a CD/DVD-R or CD/DVD-RW drive and you want to burn a CD/DVD from some other computer, then you need a LAN.

In a nutshell, a Local Area Network, or LAN, is just two or more computers connected to one another with cables or over a Wireless Connection. The resources that the computers share can be just about anything, from a printer, Internet access, disk space whatever. The practical time and money-saving advantages of owning a LAN are many, including the following:

  • If only one PC in the LAN has a printer, a CD/DVD-ROM, CD/DVD-R, CD/DVD-RW, or Zip drive, every PC in the LAN can use that hardware.
  • If only one PC has Internet access, every PC in the LAN can access the Internet through that one Internet connection.
  • You never need to use CDs, DVDsor any other type of disk to copy files from one computer to another. You can move and copy files from one computer to another on the LAN using drag-and-drop techniques.
  • If several people work with the same data such as a customer list, inventory list, or orders all this information can reside on one PC, each user in the LAN will have access to this always-current data.
  • If you have a large collection of pictures or music files, you need store them on only one computer in the LAN. You can view, edit, and play those files from any computer on the LAN.

One of the big drawbacks to a traditional Ethernet LAN of course, is having to run those cables. In your home, they are not a pretty sight. In an office environment, where you might not be so concerned about some extra cables, you still have to worry about creating trip hazards and such. However, even the cables are optional these days!  Wireless LANs are becoming more common both in Homes and Small Offices.

There are many advantages to setting up a LAN. The big concern for most people is how complicated it is. The truth is, networking can be a pretty complex subject and many large corporations have specialised Network Administrators whose main job is to build and maintain the network.

There was a time when the cost and complexity of creating a LAN was too much for the average home or small business, however, if you have two or more PCs there are many cost effective reasons for linking them via a LAN, and MyComputerMan can help you do that.

MyComputerMan can help you decide on the solution which best suits your location, whether it be a Cabled LAN or Wireless LAN, we can design and build a Computer Network Environment in your Home or Office, and MyComputerMan can also help with after Network Support to help you to Administer and Maintain your Network effectively.

This Service is Only available within the Oxfordshire area, however, if you are outside of this area please Contact us as something can usually be arranged.