Malware Cleanup

Is your computer performance uneven – sometimes fine, sometimes slow as molasses?

Are people in your address book responding to email messages you did not send?

Are you having trouble printing or do you keep getting strange, threatening pop-up messages?

Sounds like you may have picked up a virus or some malware out there on the Internet. Taking care of infections early is important to prevent file corruption and data loss.

MyComputerMan responds to emergency virus removal calls for customers who are being attacked by a wide variety of Internet threats including Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware and spam.

We can help return infected technology to good health.  If you have an Internet connection, we can also provide this virus removal service instantly with our Remote Support Services. 

Contact us to set up an appointment for Remote Support or for us to visit your home or office and let us stamp out that virus.  We can also help with the installation of Anti-Virus Software to help protect your computer from infection in the future.

We provide you with the best virus removal services, as well as detection and most importantly prevention for your computers.

MyComputerMan covers the A-Z of virus removal services, in no time at all your computer will be virus free and running like new again.

  •  Better Performance
  •  User-friendly
  •  Affordable
  •  Convenient
  •  Trustworthy

Our virus removal is so efficient, that we can remotely clean your hard drive over an Internet connection. Just as you would see a doctor for medical assistance, you computer should see MyComputerMan for computer virus removal assistance.

* Some Malware infections cannot be removed via our Remote Support Services and therefore may require an Engineer to visit you On-site