How to Create a Windows 10 Setup USB Disk to Clean Install Windows 10

Sometimes it is not always possible to use the inbuilt Windows 10 ‘Reset this PC’ options as discussed in our videos “Windows 10 – Restoring your Computer with ‘Reset this PC Remove Everything‘ option and “Windows 10 – Restoring your Computer with ‘Reset this PC Keep my files‘ option in Windows 10, and therefore you would need to create either a Windows 10 Setup DVD or USB Stick to do a completely clean installation from scratch, in this video we show you how to do this by creating a Windows 10 Setup USB Disk of your own.

For this procedure you will need either 1x USB Disk Flash Thumbdrive of 4GB in Size minimum!

If you need to install or reinstall Windows 10 using a USB or DVD, you can use the media creation tool to create your own installation media with either a USB flash drive or a DVD. The tool provides file formats optimised for download speed and can be used to create ISO files.

Download the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from this link :

You do not need to have or know your Windows 10 Product Key for Activation for this procedure if you have Activated the Operating System on the same device previously! 

It is also possible to create a Windows 10 Setup Disk as a DVD, you can find details on doing this here.