Computer Restores

In the event of an irreversible System Failure your Computer requires Windows to be re-installed, MyComputerMan can help…

As well as Restoring or Rebuilding Systems we also offer the same service Upgrade your Computer to a different version of Microsoft Windows, please contact us to discuss your upgrade requirements.

Unfortunately it’s a sad fact that Windows Systems fail, whether it be due to a Software failure, Virus or other problem, (it happens to the best of us), and sometimes problems cannot be resolved without performing what is known as a complete System Restore.  A System Restore/Rebuild is where all the programs and data on your Computer are completely wiped off and a clean installation of the Windows Operating System and it’s programs are re-installed, giving you a like new System again!.

All Standard Operating System Restores are charged at a flat rate fee as detailed below depending on the Operating System type you require having installed. Additional Software Installations of your own software can also be carried out for a small additional fee.

What about your Existing Valuable Data, Photo’s, Music, Videos?

If your Computer consists of data and files which require backup and restoration to the new system build, existing or new Computer, then MyComputerMan can backup this Data to CD’s or DVD’s for you, for later restoration or archiving.

When MyComputerMan contacts you to arrange an appointment for a Computer Restore you should mention if you have data which needs to be backed up otherwise it will be LOST PERMANENTLY!  We will always ask you if you have personal data that needs to be kept before we carry out any work on your Computer.

This Service is Only available within the Oxfordshire area, however, if you are outside of this area please contact us to get in touch as something can usually be arranged.

PLEASE NOTE: In certain failure scenarios it may not be possible to recover data from a damaged system, where this is the case we will advise you!

Pricing Structure for Computer System Restores/Rebuilds/Upgrades

All System Restores/Rebuilds/Upgrades need to be carried out at our premises where we have all the equipment and software that will be required and it can usually be done within a 24 hour turn around.  You have to be able to bring the Computer System to us and also to collect it upon completion of the work.  However, in some cases and if you are local to our office we can arrange to collect and return the Computer System from you, please contact us to discuss your requirements with us.

Complete Secure wipe of System Hard Disc Drive and Standard Windows 10 Operating
System Installation


We no longer offer Computer Restores for Systems running Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Windows 7, however, if you have a Computer with any of these Operating Systems, we will be happy to discuss options with you, feel free to contact us to discuss this.

When you make a request for a System Restore/Rebuild/Upgrade we will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to bring your Computer to us and to also to collect it once it has been completed.

System Restores/Rebuilds/Upgrades can take between 6-8 hours as we wipe the System completely, re-install the Operating System, plus the Software Drivers for your Computers Hardware, and any other associated or specially requested software, we also Install all required Operating System Updates from Microsoft, BIOS and any other updates that maybe required to bring the System fully up-to-date.

PLEASE NOTE: In the case of Desktop Computers we will only require the Tower Unit of the System, not the Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Cables etc, however, in the case of Laptop Computers we will require you to supply the correct Power Supply Cord and/or Adapter, in the case of additional or specially requested Software you would need to be able to supply this too, along with License Keys, and/or any Restore Media supplied with the Computer System where applicable.

If you have an Urgent Requirement for a System Restore/Re-Build then please contact us.