How to block the Windows 10 upgrade

It's nice of Microsoft to offer all of us a free upgrade to Windows 10. But it's not so nice when they insist upon it.

If the Get Windows 10 icon has become either an annoyance or a serious problem, you can easily remove it with Ultimate Outsider's free and portable GWX Control Panel. You download this program as a single EXE file.

Once it's up, you might want to look at some of the information on the top part of the program. For instance, apparently "enabled" both the Get Windows 10 app and the upgrades even if you have not.

Click two of the buttons near the bottom, Disable 'Get Windows 10' App (permanently remove icon) and Disable Operating System Upgrades in Windows Update.

That's it - unless the upgrade has already started. If Windows Update is trying and failing to install Windows 10, run Microsoft's Windows Update Troubleshooter after you have run GWX.

Launch and run the wizard. The choices are pretty obvious.

When you next boot, the update Shut Down button is no longer there but Windows Updates for your current Windows will download and install as normal.

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